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Press Release 07 | 2015

DALI Programming Made Easy

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Developed by practitioners for practitioners: the dali360 software available for free from BAG electronics

DALI systems – a closed book? Not with suitable tools: the new dali360 software from BAG electronics makes programming, servicing, modifications and other DALI application tasks simple, understandable and safe.

The software was developed by practitioners for practitioners, focusing on an intuitive graphic user interface, concise menu structures and therefore maximum user convenience. In addition, the software is completely free for downloading at BAG.

Simple, safe and quick

DALI applications in lighting systems are highly diverse, and as a result, many software solutions feature levels of complexity that exceed day-to-day practical requirements. dali360 consciously follows another path –making DALI applications highly manageable without extensive technical knowledge. The centerpiece is the almost self-explanatory graphic user interface, simplifying and accelerating typical programming and service tasks with the click of a mouse on appropriate buttons.

Manufacturer-neutral, free software

This makes dali360 an optimal, manufacturer-independent and practical tool for programming, modifications, service work and error search with both existing and new applications. Getting started with this application is especially simple – The software is available for free with registration, and is suitable for all standard Windows operating systems. On the hardware side, only the BAG360-interface Version 2.0 is needed for communication purposes, connected via USB to the PC, and a supplementary power supply is not required.

Overview of software features

dali360 meets all standard requirements with DALI applications and also provides a series of new features for increased efficiency and operational safety:

Graphic user interface

This is the basis of the user-friendly operating concept, the excellent software handling and the simple, rapid sending of commands and requests as part of bidirectional communication. Users directly access all important DALI basic features from the interface without diversions or submenus.

Intuitive operation and text support

Operation is self-explanatory, reducing the requirements for programming and service of DALI systems to the click of a mouse. Helpful context menus and an extensive help file are also provided.

Manufacturer-neutral usability

The dali360 software, due to its standardised protocol, is manufacturer-neutral and can be used for all DALI applications and devices – one solution for all needs.

Control Window function

Complete communication on the DALI line is logged with the new Control Window function, and a specific screen area is reserved for this purpose providing maximum transparency and safety with modifications, programming etc. All commands and queries are also available in the form of long-term storage, with a useful export option.

Back to origins

The delete function is also completely new – enabling the deletion of DALI participants, even deleting their addresses. The factory state of the specific components can thus be re-established with the click of a button.

Automated double-address protection

Double addressing sometimes occurs when commissioning new DALI systems, but these are now quickly eliminated. dali360 locates, identifies and removes double addresses fully automatically – clicking a button suffices.

Rapid grouping with a button click

Multiple programming is now possible in one step with dali360, thereby avoiding complex grouping procedures. Group assignment is now simple and quick by simply clicking a button.

Diagnosis inclusive

A further unique feature of dali360 is the highly helpful device report function, enabling the complete, rapid analysis of the DALI parameters for a device by clicking a single button.

Here you can find the dali360 download

About BAG

The future of light is digital, and BAG electronics provides technologically pioneering lighting electronics for this purpose. The company, founded in 1909 in Switzerland, is a major electronics partner for the global lighting industry. LED components assume a central position in the company’s product portfolio. BAG components feature maximum quality in addition to energy efficiency, economy and high reliability.

The company with headquarters in the Sauerland region of Germany is famous for its strength of innovation and has around 3000 employees across the world. This fact is reflected in the locations of development facilities in Germany, China and India. Production is also carried out in these three countries as well as in the Philippines. BAG solutions for the lighting market are supplied to over 50 countries throughout the world. More information at www.bagelectronics.com


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Press release 07 | 2015

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