Hot restrike igniters

immediate re-ignition guaranteed!

ZIRIUS ignites. Instant re-ignition – with hot or cold lamp.

The innovative technology stands for maximum efficiency in manufacturing as well as in operating the lamp.

Where there are many people – where excitement, fun and enthusiasm break fresh ground – safety cannot be missed out. Anti-panic illumination is also to be ensured in these places. Equip your luminaires with the BAG hot restrike ignitors ZIRIUS and provide adequate emergency lighting – just in case.

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immediate restart of the lamps after power failure

The great variety of the high pressure discharge lamps allows for a wide scope of applications, e.g. in stadiums. However, a general disadvantage of the lamps is that they cannot be re-ignited immediately with conventional ignition devices. The typical cooling down time of a metal halide lamp is up to 20 minutes.

In stadiums it is, however, a necessity that lamps are ready for operation after a power failure instantly. BAG has developed special hot restrike ignitors for this purpose which ensure the immediate restart of the lamps. The ZIRIUS ignition device is equipped with a special ignition management and disposes of a fully electronic circuit configuration. Through the employment of microprocessors the devices are practically wear and tear-free. A further advantage of this technology is that the service life of the lamp is not dependent on the switching rate through the smooth, flicker-free start.

One ignition device is needed per lamp. The distance between ignition device and lamp is adjusted according to the load capacity of the luminaire and the used wires. Special cables and sockets with increased electric strength are indispensable. When operating hot restrike ignitors, luminaires have to be adapted to the higher ignition voltage according to the demands concerning creep and sparking distance.

ZIRIUS. Convincing through innovative technology

One device for all applications
The ZIRIUS hot re-strike ignitor is equipped with entirely new and innovative performance features. Through the deployment of microprocessors and a fully electrical circuit design it is now possible to improve the start up of high pressure discharge lamps.

Flashover protection
Unique and mechanical flashover protection enables maximum safety in the daily use.

Error-free connection
2-wire technology: simple, rapid installation thanks to error-free connection.

Universal application
For mains voltages of 230 to 480 V and for a wide variety of lamp types from 250 to 2000 watts.

High-pressure discharge lamps

an economic solution for the illumination of wide surfaces

As soon as optimal colour rendition, a high level of burning hours and wide surfaces for illumination are demanded from a lighting solution, high pressure discharge lamps are becoming increasingly popular as the standard light source. Typical applications are sports stadiums, military security zones, trade fair halls and industrial plants.
The only disadvantage of high pressure discharge lamps is that they require special hot restrike igniters not only to guarantee ignition but also to ensure instant hot re-ignition, following a power failure for example.

Lamp-protecting instant start with ZIRIUS hot restrike igniters from BAG
With the ZIRIUS product series, BAG electronics has been offering electronic igniters for years now that guarantee an instant start not only with cold but also with hot lamps. But that’s not enough: the BAG engineers work with passion to develop and optimise ZIRIUS even further.

Simplified installation, flashover protection and minimised isolation effort in the luminaire
The newly developed 2-wire technology of the ZIRIUS 2000 AS 2L distinctly simplifies device connection. Effort for wiring is less thanks to reduction of the required mains connection cable from 3 to only 2 wires. At the same time, the connection is now error-free. In order to eliminate voltage flashover to the luminaire connection terminals in the device, ZIRIUS 2000 AS 2L is equipped with cable routing that forces spacial separation of the cables.

Because the maximum ignition voltage could be reduced to 40 kV, effort for isolation in the luminaire is also reduced. But reliable lamp starts are still always ensured with the innovative ZIRIUS ignition technology. The minimised ignition voltage also positively affects EMC emissions of the device by further lowering these.

A further advantage of the new ZIRIUS 2000 AS 2L is its highly efficient circuit design that saves energy with low power loss, contributing to significantly reduced self-heating of the device. Because the device is designed for a mains voltage range of 230 – 480 V it can be universally used across the world for a wide spectrum of lamp types.

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Hot restrike ignitor 230/480 ZIR 2000 AS 2L, Art. no.: 1006 1593

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