Reliable ignition under any condition

Whether in industry or in sports- or shop lighting, high intensity discharge lamps are ignited safely and reliably since 1967 with the ignitors BAG electronics. With more than 40 years experience in the development and production of ignitors the range of BAG igniter ensures always reliable lamp ignition gentle, guaranteeing always good lighting.



Ideal for outdoor storage and security-related areas in industrial complexes.


Optimum safety for streets, public places and safety-related areas.


High reliability and high temperature applications possible.

BAG ignitors

  • Ideal for Highbay-and flood lighting applications
  • Insensitive to overvoltages in industrial networks
  • High ambient temperature applications possible
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BAG igniters

  • very high reliability in conjunction with low-loss magnetic ballasts
  • low maintenance costs
  • insensitive to overvoltages due to lightning
  • very high luminous flux in compact lamps (advantages in terms of static, wind load …)
    when used in sports lighting, and street lighting
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BAG hot restrike igniter

  • Very high functional reliability in conjunction with low-loss magnetic ballasts
  • Use at high ambient temperatures possible, e.g. in shop windows
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Ignition pulses the use of ballasts

To ignite a high-pressure discharge lamp it is necessary to provide the lamp with a defined ignition voltage to ionise the discharge path. The level of the ignition voltage required depends on the type of lamp used.

High-pressure mercury vapour lamps (HM) need no more than mains voltage, but high-pressure sodium vapour (HS) and metal halide lamps (HI) usually need much higher voltage impulses to be superimposed to the lamps’ open circuit voltage, and this voltage impulse is generated by the use of igniters.

The crucial points in the successful ignition of a lamp are the peak value and the width, number and phase position of the ignition impulses. The ignition voltages of normal high-pressure discharge lamps lie in the range between 1 kV and 5 kV.

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